ATGI Optical Sensors

Optical Sensors

ATGI has significant expertise and experience in many aspects of Optic and Electronic development and application… Read More

RAM Air Turbines

The world’s most powerful Ducted Ram Air Turbine (RAT) for Electronic Warfare (EW), Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) and emergency power generation systems… Read More

Non-Contacting Seals

pL_ATGI_Seal_022 copy
The ATGI, HALO™ Non-Contacting Dynamic Seal series is a unique compliant seal design utilizing hydrostatic principles to offer a 50% reduction… Read More

Podded Systems

ATGI designs and manufactures customizable pods to accommodate a growing need for self-powered podded system for EW & ISR applications… Read More

ATGI has significant expertise and experience in many aspects of Optic and Electronic development and application. We provide specialized services to clients that are developing emerging technologies, pushing the frontiers of innovation to develop advanced solutions to challenging problems.


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ATGI can be a valuable partner in many electro-optic and space-related technology activites as highlighted below.

ATGI provides engineering services and hardware products in the following sectors of the electro-optic sensor markets.

R&D Services Optical Mass Gauge Sensor
Hybrid LIDAR Cryogenic & Two Phase Flow Sensor

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ATGI is located in Stuart, Florida in modern facilities that meet all federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations. In addition to our own research and development facilities, we enjoy close working relationships with specialized high-technology manufacturing firms. This permits ATGI to economically and efficiently produce test-ready prototypes of its concepts and low volume production quantities.

Non-Contacting Seals
Podded System Solutions
RAM Air Turbines
Optical Sensors

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